Open Candidatures until 30 of april 2022


The awards are divided into two categories: Brand Awards and Product Awards.

Within the brand awards we have the Certified Natural/ Organic/Biodynamic Brand Awards and the Clean Brand Awards.

In the Product Awards category, one category for each type of product, all the products presented participate, regardless of whether they are certified or not.

This is because the rules of the Orgànics Clean Awards are very strict.

A high return investment

One product, all the product categories opened with no aditional fees


(+ VAT) 8-10 products

345 €

(+ VAT) 6-7 products

290 €

(+ VAT) 4-5 products

230 €

(+ VAT) 3 products

175 €

(+ VAT) 2 products

115 €

(+ VAT) 1 product